Jamaica's Country Programme, 2017 to 2021

JM-CPD coverFinalized and approved Country Programme Document for Jamaica 2017 - 2021

The Country Office’s programme priorities for the Country Programme 2017-2021 are anchored in the UN Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework (UN MSDF) – the regional combined programme of assistance offered by UN agencies in 18 Caribbean countries and the UNDP Strategic Plan 2014-2017. Four key priority areas emerged, which are informing national and regional actions of the UN system and partners over the next five years: (1) A sustainable and resilient Caribbean, (2) A safe, cohesive and just Caribbean, (3) A healthy Caribbean and (4) An inclusive, equitable and prosperous Caribbean.


Jamaica’s Country Programme Document (CPD) was designed based on extensive consultations with partners and is fully aligned with the Vision 2030 Jamaica: National Development Plan and its Medium Term Framework. The Country Programme therefore represents UNDP’s commitments to Jamaica for the period, in cooperation with national and international partners.


Priority Area 1: Access to equitable Social Protection systems and basic services

Opportunities will be identified to improve access to Social protection and basic services, especially for people living with HIV and/or Involuntarily Returned Migrants.


Priority Area 2: Democratic Governance, Citizen’s Security and Safety

Priority will be placed on citizens’ safety and security. Reforming the justice system, improving citizen security and strengthening democratic governance (voice and participation) are other national priorities which are being addressed in the 2017 – 2021 CPD.


Priority Area 3: Resilience to climate change and natural disaster and universal access to clean energy

Opportunities have been identified to support transformational change by enhancing Jamaica’s resilience to disasters and climate change. UNDP is offering an innovative and integrated pilot programme on sustainable cities, which will include sustainable land management, urban planning that integrates at local level the impact of climate change and DRR measures, and clean energy initiatives such as waste-to-energy in two cities of Jamaica. Selected public buildings will benefit from investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Priority Area 4: Natural resources management

The effective management of natural resources is essential for human security. Given its environmental endowment and ecosystem diversity, Jamaica continues to prioritize environmental sustainability and climate change response in its National Development Plan. UNDP will use its comparative value in this area to leverage some of the opportunities identified above


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