Hurricane Sandy Recovery

About The Project

When Hurricane Sandy touched down in Kingston on 24 October, excessive winds left more than 70 percent of the population without electricity, killed one person and forced more than 1,000 into shelters. As the storm moved across the island, an estimated US$ 100 million worth of infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, were damaged or destroyed, setting back decades of hard-won development.

In an effort to guide early recovery, UNDP launched the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Project, which is built around the need to provide coordinated and evidence based recovery to the hardest hit areas in the eastern parishes (administrative regions). The project is focused on needs assessments to evaluate the extent of the damage; preparation of a recovery framework to guide the range of recovery initiatives; establishment of a Secretariat to collect and house all disaster related information for future use; and GIS Tracking to pinpoint high risk areas.

Our Accomplishments

  • Schools and health centres have been repaired in each target parish, with additional repairs approved after the initial budget passed.
  • The Islington Post office in St. Mary was approved for rebuilding work.
  • National framework for recovery has been updated to reflect experiences and lessons learned.
  • Long-term disaster risk reduction measures implemented, including use of GIS trackers.
  • 48 families relocated to safer areas and welcoming communities, with host communities also set to benefit from added infrastructure provided by project.

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