Citizen Security and Social Cohesion in Jamaica -Support to the Commission of Inquiry

What is the Commission of Inquiry?

This project is an interim project intended to provide immediate support to the Government of Jamaica in the roll-out of the work of a National Commission of Enquiry. This project will be built into an integrated three-year programme to enhance community safety and social cohesion, which is anticipated to start in January 2015.

Activities under the planned three–year project will focus on:

1.    Supporting  the establishment and operationalization of the COE by contributing to its effectiveness and credibility
2.    Providing a platform for civil society organizations to engage in dialogue around key issues of the COE
3.    Development of a three-year programme to enhance community safety

The activities under this project will also be aligned with the on-going Justice Undertakings for Social Transformation (JUST) Programme and will build on the results of the 'Parish Safety' project closed in December 2013. The activities are also aligned with the recommendations in the 2012 Caribbean Human Development Report on Citizen Security and the Unite for Change project by the Ministry of National Security.

UNDP plans to explore the necessary follow up that would be required to implement the agreed upon recommendations of the Commission. UNDP will continue to contribute to advancing Jamaica as a just and cohesive society as articulated in Vision 2030 Jamaica.

Our Accomplishments:

Consequent to the events of May 2010, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) did the following:

  • Coordinated donor support and activities with civil society and national development partners in Jamaica such as the Peace Management Initiative, Dispute Resolution Foundation , Victims Services Unit , Restorative Justice Unit  and Legal Aid Council.
  • Provided assistance to obtain the necessary ballistics and forensic evidence.
  • Supported the Office of the Public Defender, along with other international development partners, in the preparation of the interim report to Parliament.

The UNDP is supporting the Ministry of Justice to safeguard the principles of good governance in this COE and is exploring the possibility of setting up an integrated programme to enhance social cohesion in Jamaica.

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