National Policy and Plan of Action on International Migration and Development

What is the Project about?

 Fiercely patriotic both abroad and at home, the Mainstreaming Migration project aims to integrate the Jamaican diaspora into current policy. Photo credits: Asrah Mohammed

The National Policy and Plan of Action on International Migration and Development seeks to respond to key global developments which have revealed, over time, the need to address the broad and evolving range of challenges and opportunities associated with migration. The policy seeks to ensure that international migration is adequately measured, monitored and influenced to serve the development needs of Jamaica as outlined in the Vision 2030 Jamaica — National Development Plan.

The ongoing high levels of emigration of managerial, technical and skilled personnel and the attendant loss of critical human resources (brain drain) were among the factors which influenced the decision to develop the policy. So too was the acknowledged potential for the better management of remittances for national development, poverty reduction and social well-being. The large number of talented Jamaicans living abroad (Diaspora) was also identified as justification for the development of a policy on international migration and development.

The policy is meant to manage migration more effectively in ways that integrate migration into national development strategies by harnessing migration’s development potential to benefit societies and migrants themselves through sustainable development and poverty reduction strategies.

The National Policy and Plan of Action recognizes that migration may stimulate the creation of new economic opportunities in destination countries through the transfer of human, social, cultural and financial capital, and that a relationship exists between migration and the economic, social and cultural conditions in developing countries such as Jamaica.

Acknowledged in the policy is the fact that migrants are potential agents of development who are well positioned to strengthen cooperation between countries of origin and destination. They contribute to development through remittances, investment and expenditure and can contribute as well through the application, in their home country, of newly developed skills and entrepreneurial activities. There is wide scale acceptance that these assets must be engaged towards nation-building.

What we have accomplished

- Preparation of a comprehensive situation analysis on the migration and development nexus and examine its impacts on development in Jamaica.

- National workshops for the review of the situation and identification of the relevant areas for policy response.

- Finalisation of the policy and plan of action. The final output of the project will be a policy document on international migration and development and a plan of action.

- A second national workshop will be convened to review and finalise the policy and plan of action for its implementation.

- Development of a Migration Profile

- Capacity building, particularly in the area of data collection and management.

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