Hydrochloroflurocarbons Phase Out Management Plan Project

The Hydrochloroflurocarbons Phase Out Management Plan Project is helping Jamaica to meet all of the Montreal Protocol’s hydrochloroflurocarbons control targets. Hydrochloroflurocarbons are organic compounds used as refrigerants. While they do not harm the ozone layer like chlorofluorocarbons they contribute to global warming.  The project is helping Jamaica reduce its consumption and production of HCFCs through the following activities:  

  • Training for refrigeration technicians
  • Distribution of basic service tools, recovery/recycling equipment and retrofit kits to
  • Converting the local HCFC-141b-based foam manufacturing enterprise to use non-HCFC technology
  • Extending Jamaica’s regulatory framework to monitor and control trade in HCFC and equipment containing HCFC

The project is being implemented by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).

Project Achievements So Far

  • Twenty trainers trained on alternatives to HFCs and good practices in refrigeration
  • Local HCFC-141b-based foam manufacturing enterprise (Seal Sprayed Solutions) supported to use non-HCFC technology
  • Training of technicians is ongoing

Project Financing

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