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UNDP believes good governance is essential for realizing the stable environment necessary for inclusive growth and development. Jamaica faces many challenges which the Government and people have been working to overcome. National priorities include human rights, safety and security, restoring social capital, strengthening the restorative and delivery mechanisms of the justice system, public sector reform and local governance reform.

Our Goals

UNDP is supporting Jamaica's efforts to address these priorities, to meet the challenge of deepening democracy and enhancing citizen security. Our governance programme reflects national priorities which include reducing violence and strengthening citizens participation in local government decision-making and oversight. UNDP also supports initiatives to maximizing the positive impacts of migration on national development.more

The political centre of Spanish Town, seat of the Parish Council meetings and site of current UNDP projects. Photo Credit: Farahnaz Mohammed / UNDP Jamaicamore

Our Stories

Choosing a career path is a crucial moment in everyone's lives, many mistakes can be made in the absence of a proper orientation. Offering practical help to identify the interests and the areas people have an aptitude for may improve their life.more 

In discourse about migration, the emphasis is normally placed on the receiving country. All countries who accept refugees or those seeking economic advancement have heated rhetoric about competing for jobs and resources with foreigners.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Despite relative success since its independence, Jamaica continues to be confronted by serious social and economic issues. With a high debt burden, over 60% of the government’s annual budget is committed to interest repayments, leaving few resources for improving social infrastructure.more 

  • The National Policy and Plan of Action on International Migration and Development seeks to respond to key global developments which have revealed, over time, the need to address the broad and evolving range of challenges and opportunities associated with migration.more 

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