Environment and Energy

UNDP supports programmes that protect Jamaica’s environment through conservation, management applications and policy development. We help Jamaica in its efforts to diversify its energy sources and to integrate environmental sustainability into overall development policy and practice. By supporting efforts to involve community members in planning and implementation, UNDP has assisted Jamaica to identify critical strategies to facilitate climate change adaptation, expand dialogue on environment and development, and build on best practices in integrated watershed and coastal area management.

Our Goals

UNDP works with national partners to create an enabling environment for better management of natural resources, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and to improve energy security.



Jamaica is known for scenic surroundings, which are equally important to its economy as its ecosystem, since the island relies heavily on tourism to bring in revenue. Pictured above is Monkey Island in Portland. Photo credit: UNDP Jamaica

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Projects and Initiatives

National Protected Areas Project

The National Protected Areas Project works with the government and relevant Jamaican agencies to assist in strengthening Jamaica's conservation efforts. more

Preparation of an HCFC Phase-Out Management Plan

The HPMP Project aims to replace harmful substances used in industry processes to align Jamaica's practices to international environmental policy. more

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