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  • Replicating Cuba's Model System

    Cuba’s system is efficient, with entire cities being evacuated in minutes in the face of impending disaster. Finding out how the Cubans accomplished this was simultaneously inspiring and intimidating. Their presentation demonstrated how much work is behind an effective risk management programme.

  • Rebuilding Better: Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

    In an effort to guide early recovery from Hurricane Sandy, UNDP launched the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Project, which is built around the need to provide coordinated and evidence based recovery to the hardest hit areas in the eastern parishes (administrative regions).

  • Start Those Preparations Now!! - Seismic Forum 2014

    The forum saw experts from Haiti, Japan, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chile, and several government and non-government agencies in Jamaica, as well as the private sector, sharing experiences, challenges and best practices for seismic risk reduction and building national resilience.

  • The Rural Youth Employment Program

    Williams is one of a group of youngsters benefitting from the Rural Youth Employment Project (RUYE), an initiative launched by the Scientific Research Council and the Planning Institute of Jamaica, backed by USAID and the UNDP. The island’s poverty rates are particularly high in rural areas; around 71% of the nation’s poor live and work outside urban centres.

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