What We Do

As the United Nations’ development network, UNDP connects countries to global knowledge, experience and resources and assists them in strengthening capacity to create their own solutions to development challenges.

Our Goals

The UNDP’s network coordinates global and national efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals, which world leaders pledged in 2000 to achieve by 2015. In Jamaica, UNDP’s work is driven by the Country Programme Action Plan which is an agreement with the Jamaican Government to help the country realize the MDGs and its own national development goals as outlined in Jamaica’s Vision 2030 National Development Plan. The 2012-2016 Country Programme Action Plan sees the UNDP committing to support national efforts aimed at addressing Poverty Reduction and the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, Democratic Governance, Environmental Sustainability and Energy Security.more

UNDP staff provide information on Sustainable Development and Corruption at the Office of the Contractor General's Inaugural Anti-Corruption Conference. Photo Credit: UNDP Jamaica.more

Our Stories

PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Raccio/UNDP Jamaica [Mr. Howard Simpson, farmer from Lititz community, describing the function and the problems of the catchment tanks in Lititz, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. March 15, 2012.]

Water is Life : Empowering St. Elizabeth Farmers

The Lititz community in the south eastern plains of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica has a historical pattern of relatively low rainfall with an annual average of 1285mm.more 

PHOTO CREDIT: UNDP Jamaica/ [Inaugural Joint Career Exposition; St. Andrew Technical High School; Kingston, Jamaica; Friday, January, 21, 2011]

“Equip, Empower, Engage” – Career Exposition Reaches Over 1500 Students

Choosing a career path is a crucial decision in a young person’s life, one that requires significant guidance and resources to maximize the potential of eachmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Rural Youth Employment

    The Rural Youth Poverty Reduction Project will contribute to the reduction of rural youth unemployment by increasing the ability of youths to access sustainable livelihood options. This will be achieved through the empowerment of rural youth through the provision of skills training and increased access to post harvest production facilities to improve the agriculture value added.more 

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