Pusey HillDriving to Llandewey, St. Thomas Parish. The housing in many rural communities is more basic and utilizes scrap materials such as zinc and construction bricks. PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Raccio / UNDP Jamaica.

In depth The UNDP Poverty Reduction Unit works with government partners, civil society, private sector, academia, other United Nations agencies and international development partners to achieve key goals. Key Goal UNDP is committed to:

  1. Creating a stronger population identification, and monitoring and evaluation framework so that development actors are better informed about target populations and the impact of development interventions, for example - where they are, what their needs are, what impacts their lives, and how best to assist them.
  2. Identifying and assisting the government in designing solutions to strengthen the social protection systems/social safety net, and providing adequate social services.
  3. Utilizing the latent potential of the agricultural sector as an engine of growth for both national income and employment/poverty reduction, particularly in rural areas.
  4. Minimizing constraints on micro, small and medium enterprise sectors particularly along the agricultural/agro-processing value chain Improved national capacity to implement evidence-based policies Measuring and understanding poverty.

We are supporting the Government of Jamaica to strengthen data collection, analysis, storage and dissemination systems to help them make informed policies and decisions. We are assisting them to create a coordinated approach to producing national statistics to achieve consistency, efficiency, transparency and compatibility with international standards and among national agencies. We support monitoring and communicating progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Vision 2030. Inclusive growth and Millennium Development Goals Achievement Sustainable human development is at heart of UNDP’s work UNDP also assists Jamaica to strengthen its fiscal management policy making capacity.

We strengthen national capacity to achieve equitable growth through improved systems to track progress on human development targets such as the MDGs, the Jamaica-National Development Plan Vision 2030 and Jamaica’s Medium-Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework. Prosperity and Wealth Generation Empowering Lives. Building Resilience UNDP is working to improve the life chances and income earning capabilities of rural youth through agricultural and agro-processing enterprises. UNDP strengthens local government capacity to address youth unemployment and promote sustainable economic growth in rural areas.

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