Poverty Reduction

Jamaica still struggles with a significant poverty problem, especially concentrated in rural areas where residents still have significantly less access to services such as running water and electricity, and unemployment is high. Although the island has made notable progress in poverty reduction and is ranked an upper middle-income country, recent global food, fuel and financial crises, and the high levels of national debt threaten to exacerbate Jamaica's economic difficulties and reverse the progress made thus far.

Our Goals

UNDP’s technical assistance includes strengthening fiscal and other public policies, such as developing processes towards more equitable and effective tax policy. UNDP has made significant contributions toward the development of a national statistical system and the development of indicators and targets for the National Development Plan, Vision 2030.more

A crowd passes by a vendor at a market in rural Jamaica. Higgling is a common profession among communities, where self-employment is often the only opportunity to earn a living. PHOTO CREDIT: Asrah Mohammed / UNDP Jamaica. more

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Projects and Initiatives

  • The Rural Youth Poverty Reduction Project will contribute to the reduction of rural youth unemploymen t by increasing the ability of youths to access sustainable livelihood options.more 

  • The Support to the Metcalfe Project works to provide at-risk youth with opportunities for education and empowerment through the Metcalfe Correctional Facility.more 

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