UNDP Annual Report 2016 highlights fight against Poverty

Jul 17, 2017

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UNDP Jamaica's 2016 Annual Report highlights the Country Office's work in the areas of Democratic Governance, Sustainable Development and Climate and Disaster Resilience through the lens of the global mission to eradicate poverty in all forms everywhere.  

With an emphasis on Results secured over the 2016 period, this Annual Report with a difference goes straight to what matters, highlighting achievement of project outputs and in many cases, solid outcomes supported by bright and catchy infographics.

Accounts of othe Country Office's ongoing work highlight key results based on evidence, and introduce for the first time, actual perspectives from partners and beneficiaries.

UNDP Resident Representaive, Bruno Pouezat in his message concludes that "despite the challenges, we have seen encouraging results that have advanced income-generating opportunities for Jamaicans, strengthened access to justice for all Jamaicans, and ensured that development initiatives are framed and implemented with sustainability in mind, for the sake of future generations". 

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