UNDP Jamaica releases Annual Report 2017

Apr 13, 2018

On the Cover: The human race, represented as one united force for change, on a journey to accelerate and champion action on the global goals, Leaving No One Behind

UNDP in Jamaica presents Annual Report 2017 under the theme, Leaving No One Behind. 

Results, highlights and stories of UNDP at work in partnership with Government and people are presented through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Report records the growing momentum for local implementation of the global vision contained in the SDG and answers one single question: Who has been included and who has benefited from UNDP-supported actions to secure the SDG? 

Projects in Sustainable Development, Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding, and Climate and Disaster Resilience are presented. UNDP Jamica introduces On The Empowerment Trail to tell the stories of participants and beneficaries who have experienced significant results from reported projects.

UNDP Resident Representative, Bruno Pouezat, in his message  said that UNDP in Jamiaca's commitment has never been higher to ensure that people are placed at the forefront of  development efforts. "Our focus and indomitable resolve remain on transforming lives and lifting people out of poverty including vulnerable and marginalized groups. Our work reflects our unyielding commitment to ensure that through strong partnerships and appropriate, impactful and inclusive development investments, NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND."

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