Red Alert for Law reform, Intervention & Cultural Change

We must act now, concurrently tackling culture, law and intervention with decisive urgency in order to arrest the crisis of child sexual abuse.  

Rethinking Jamaica’s Development Model to work in harmony with Nature

With Jamaica’s biodiversity and natural resources fueling its economy, the country could harness its natural capital to advance socio-economic development. However, this must be done in a sustainable…  

Beekeeping Buzzing with Potential, But help Needed

The key to a buzzing beekeeping sector is capacity building and knowledge management, says Hyacinth Douglas and Leonie Barnaby of UNDP/ GEF SGP in Jamaica.  

Nurturing Psychological Safety for Women in the Workplace

When we enter the social spaces within which we work we perform threat analyses. Where we assess the space as being safe, there is a positive performance response.  

Strengthening the legal and law enforcement framework in Jamaica to protect women and girls

A sound legislative and policy environment must form part of an evidence-based holistic approach to address the discriminatory gender power dynamics within families and society  

The Year of Testing, Agility & Innovation in response to Crisis

Going forward UNDP Multi Country Office in Jamaica renews its commitment to strengthening capacities for crisis prevention response and recovery and technology transfer and adaptation  

What role can we all play in ending the subtle cultural norms around Sexual Harassment?

Ending the trauma of sexual harassment does not end with the passage of the law. We must engage in a continuous process of public education and advocacy to inform people of their rights and to inform…  

Climate Action gains momentum when communities get involved

UNDP has long recognized that the natural assets of the earth will sustain our livelihoods, food security and wider development ambitions for generations to come, if we treat them with respect,…  

Gender Equity and Equality in grassroots projects post COVID-19

Women like Claudia must increasingly be encouraged through policy and other actions, including incentives so that Jamaica’s true potential in agriculture is unleashed. We need the talents and energy…  

The transition to clean energy as a post COVID-19 solution: Lessons from UNDP

Jhannel Tomlinson of the Youth Climate Change Activists (YCCA) group makes a case for a shift to renewables as a post COVID-19 solution, following the exampe of agencies like UNDP  

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