Climate Action gains momentum when communities get involved

UNDP has long recognized that the natural assets of the earth will sustain our livelihoods, food security and wider development ambitions for generations to come, if we treat them with respect,…  

Gender Equity and Equality in grassroots projects post COVID-19

Women like Claudia must increasingly be encouraged through policy and other actions, including incentives so that Jamaica’s true potential in agriculture is unleashed. We need the talents and energy…  

The transition to clean energy as a post COVID-19 solution: Lessons from UNDP

Jhannel Tomlinson of the Youth Climate Change Activists (YCCA) group makes a case for a shift to renewables as a post COVID-19 solution, following the exampe of agencies like UNDP  

Resilient People: Resilient Caribbean

The high vulnerability to natural hazards and disasters impels Caribbean countries to change the paradigm by improving resilience. Resilience is not just a buzz word ... but it has become an…  

Why peace and security are vital preconditions for sustainable development

Crime and Violence robs a nation of its true potential by deflating its productivity and growth, limiting access to its brightest minds, and re-channelling critical resources away from development…  

From the Caribbean to the United Nations: 'We Likkle But We Tallawah'

We ... spoke on the role of young people as climate champions and the importance of building awareness and ensuring that rural youth, in particular, are given opportunities to become involved and not…  

A seat at the table for youth – Lessons from Rome

We all agreed that the Call to Action must ensure that young people are not seen as the problem, but as the solution.  

The importance of climate-proofing national plans and policies in the age of Climate Change

The concept and practice of policy proofing is well suited for societies with complex development contexts such as Jamaica’s.  

Towards Jamaica’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

Jamaica has a plan and is on its way to achieving the SDGs by 2030 – provided it roots the SDGs by moving from a ‘Whole of Government’ approach to a ‘Whole of Society’ approach.  

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