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Campaign Launched to help women locate Domestic Violence Intervention Centres

UNDP has launched a multimedia campaign promoting the locations and contact information of the Police Force's Domestic Violence Intervention Centres  

2021’s Top 4 Lessons in growth & resilience – Lessons from Our People & Partners

Resilient recovery from COVID-19 requires reliable data offering layers of insight to drive targeted responses. Further, our collective efforts for a sustainable future are best served by supporting…  

UNDP-funded COVID-19 impact study identifies most vulnerable groups in Jamaica

A comprehensive study of the Impact of COVID-19 in Jamaica is recommending a suite of digital solutions to reduce the vulnerability of the most impacted Jamaicans  

Explore new sustainable tourism models as part of COVID recovery – UNDP official

The COVID-19 pandemic presents tourism-based economies with an opportunity to develop sustainable tourism models - UNDP official  

EU-UN Spotlight Initiative calls for more prescribed persons legally obligated to report child abuse

The EU-UN Spotlight Initiative is calling for an expanded list of prescribed persons legally obligated to report child abuse, an increase in minimum penalties for predators, and therapeutic…  

Don't Choose Extinction- A Message from Frankie the Dino

Frankie the Dino has a message ahead of COP26 on the US$423 billion annually allocated to subsidize fossil fuels for consumers -A Mesage from UNDP  

EU-UN Spotlight Initiative tackles sexual violence against children in Red Alert Roundtable

Spotlight Initiative convenes Red Alert Roundtable on sexual violence against children on Thursday 28 October at 5:30 p.m., to outline detailed proposals for strengthening and enforcing relevant laws  

Mobile unit and GBV mapping coming to strengthen response of Domestic Violence Intervention Centres

Government has signaled their intention to advance talks on a mobile response unit and GBV mapping to strengthen the DVIC network.  

EU-UN Spotlight Initiative supports expansion of Domestic Violence Intervention Centres (DVICs) to domestic violence hotspots

The European Union/ United Nations Spotlight Initiative has supported the expansion of Jamaica's Domestic Violence Intervention Centre (DVIC) network to an additional six police stations located in…  

Youth Leaders Call for Stronger Participation in Citizen Security and Safety interventions

Youth Leaders have issued a 14-point Call To Action requesting stronger and expanded youth participation in the implementation of citizen security, safety and crime prevention programmes.  

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