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Campaign Launched to help women locate Domestic Violence Intervention Centres

UNDP has launched a multimedia campaign promoting the locations and contact information of the Police Force's Domestic Violence Intervention Centres  

Remarks - Human Security Programme Virtual Dissemination Workshop and Closing Forum

These diverse set of interventions and benefits delivered by the programme supports the underlying principles of the Human Security Approach  

Red Alert for Law reform, Intervention & Cultural Change

We must act now, concurrently tackling culture, law and intervention with decisive urgency in order to arrest the crisis of child sexual abuse.  

EU-UN Spotlight Initiative tackles sexual violence against children in Red Alert Roundtable

Spotlight Initiative convenes Red Alert Roundtable on sexual violence against children on Thursday 28 October at 5:30 p.m., to outline detailed proposals for strengthening and enforcing relevant laws  

Mobile unit and GBV mapping coming to strengthen response of Domestic Violence Intervention Centres

Government has signaled their intention to advance talks on a mobile response unit and GBV mapping to strengthen the DVIC network.  

EU-UN Spotlight Initiative supports expansion of Domestic Violence Intervention Centres (DVICs) to domestic violence hotspots

The European Union/ United Nations Spotlight Initiative has supported the expansion of Jamaica's Domestic Violence Intervention Centre (DVIC) network to an additional six police stations located in…  

Spotlight Initiative boosts national capacity to track violence-related injuries

Government’s capacity to track injuries arising from incidences of violence against women and girls has been bolstered with the provision of equipment, technical support and training  

Remarks - Programmes Specialist AI - Spotlight Inititive Handing over Ceremony for Computer Equipment for the Jamaica Injury Surveillance System

Increasing the ability of hospitals to record, generate, analyse and present data using the JISS will bolster intelligence and truly make a difference in the quality and accuracy of interventions  

GPS Units to support integration of GBV prevention strategies in community plans

Ten GPS Units have been handed over to government of Jamaica under the Spotlight Initiative to facilitate integration of GBV prevention strategies into community plans  

Remarks - Handover Ceremony for GPS Units by Spotlight Initiative-UNDP

The EU-UN Spotlight Initiative is partnering to deliver evidence-based programmes that prevent and respond to violence against women and girls,  

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