Carving Out Jobs and Growth from Nature

Uncovering untapped streams of economic opportunity in Development Minerals and taking it to the next level, sustainably  

Carving Out A Living

VIDEO: In their raw state, clay soil and alabaster could be mistaken for useless dirt and stones. In the hands of Garfield, Egbert and Delroy, they earn income, and put food on the table.  

How Jamaica is Helping to Heal the Ozone Layer

Hear from persons on the frontline of Ozone Layer healing - How Jamaica is helping to heal the ozone under re leadership of NEPA, with support from UNDP through the Montreal Protocol.  

Harvesting Water, Cultivating Hope

The power of rainwater harvesting demonstrated, with record yields, growing profits & teachable moments - in 70 training institutions in Jamaica  

Revenue From The Rocks

Artisans in Jamaica are carving out new products, revenue streams & jobs from mineral-rich rocks & soil with support from the EU-financed Development Minerals Programme  

Mining with earth and people in mind

Climate-friendly, low-impact mining IS possible. Just ask two mining families working with & benefiting from the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme in Jamaica  

Back from Extinction

Declared extinct in 1948, the Jamaican Iguana was rediscovered half a century later in the Hellshire Hills. Today, UNDP/GEF SGP’s strategic support to recovery of this endemic specie has contributed…  

Climate Action Comeback

After a UNDP-implemented GEF SGP project helped build their town's disaster resilience, this farmers' coop, defying setback, is sustaining the results on a whole new level, 5 years later  

Resilience in the eye of the storm

Jeffrey Town farmers are making their mark in building Jamaica's resilience to natural disaster in multiple ways — while contributing to the SDGs  

Overcoming the Storm

Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) from Turks and Caicos Islands tell their story of triumph over adversity with the help of hurricane recovery grants from UNDP  

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